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Business Type Model Revenue Profit Price
Business name
Password Protection Security
Plugin Freemium, Addons $280KARR $386KTTM $1.5M View details
Business name
Functionality Styling
Plugin Paid Only, Addons $527.8KTTM $322.3KTTM $1.3M View details
Business name
New Form tools Functionality
Plugin Freemium $50KARR $24KTTM $250K View details
Business name
Google Fonts
Plugin Freemium $56KTTM $53KTTM $200K View details
Business name
Plugin Paid Only $55KTTM $50KTTM $150K View details
Business name
Reduced Themes
Theme Paid Only $25.5KTTM $25KTTM $75K View details
Business name
Styling Themes
Themes Freemium $7.8KARR $7.5KTTM $30K View details
Business name
Plugin Freemium $9KARR $8.5KTTM $30K View details
Business name
Plugin Free Only 20Kinstalls - $20K View details
Business name
Builder Reduced Styling
Plugin Freemium $6.4KTTM $6KTTM $10K View details
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If you're looking to buy or sell a WordPress business, you need to talk to FlipWP. They were essential in helping us launch our WordPress start-up. FlipWP is unique in the WordPress community with their connections, enthusiasm, and access to deals.

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I'm always on the lookout for small WordPress plugins with potential to grow. Typically, this means wading through marketplaces or cold emailing plugin developers. FlipWP helps make the acquisition process easier by surfacing available plugins for me