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Our email list consists of buyers who are actively seeking acquisition opportunities. Our buyers pay a subscription fee to access the list, pre-qualifying them for you.

You list with us, buyers reach out, and then you handle the sale. We don’t charge for listings. If you sell to one of our members, we'll charge you a 1% success fee.

Your listing detail is only available to our members, and you have no exclusivity obligation: if somebody reaches out through another channel or you want to list elsewhere, that’s all good with us.

Easy to Sell

I was debating selling one of my plugins, but was unsure of the process or how to find a suitable buyer. FlipWP made it easy to get my plugin listed and within a couple weeks it was sold! Would definitely use FlipWP again if I had another plugin I wanted to sell


Get the best price for your business, with FlipWP

We understand the WordPress economy, and can help you get the best price for your business.

Our listing setup makes it easy for you to create a quality listing: we collect data through a form, manually review, and then get the listing live to the email list.

The Selling Process

Support with the sale process.

We connect sellers with buyers. When you’re ready to proceed to a sale you’re not on your own, though: you can access our set of guides and legal templates from letter of intent, to purchase agreement, and escrow.

We’re here to connect you with buyers, but we’ve also seen it all before. We’ve set up these resources to ensure your process through to the sale is safe and smooth.

A Great Surprise

After some months trying several marketplaces to sell our theme shop, I came across FlipWP, and gave it a try. OMG, what a great surprise. The very same day we received an offer, and it was sold within in a couple of weeks. Alex & Iain were so helpful during the process! I really, strongly recommend FlipWP

Services for sellers

Quality, independent advice for sellers

Get high quality advice that helps you value your business, create a quality deal-sheet – and get the best price.

Whether you’re considering selling and need a valuation, or are ready to sell and need a professional deal-sheet that will help you get the best price, we can help you with quality, independent advice.

Our consulting partner is Ellipsis, the strategy and marketing agency for WordPress businesses. Strategy at Ellipsis is headed by Alex, our co-founder, so you’re in good hands.

Ellipsis offers exclusive services for FlipWP users: get in touch for a no-obligation chat today.

So Easy

After 7 years and 40+ plugins, we decided to slim down our portfolio but were unable to find a solution to sell some of them. I started posting on FlipWP and the next week we started receiving emails from buyers. It was so easy to find a buyer and sell our plugin. If you're looking to buy or sell a WordPress business, you need to talk to FlipWP

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